To Boot does not resole or refurbish shoes. All our shoes and boots are made in Italy to the highest standards using the finest quality materials, and can be refurbished or repaired by any reputable shoe repair service. Please find a local shoe repair service for your resoling or refurbishment needs.

Your order will normally be shipped within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Our shoes are shipped by UPS, and the delivery can take up to a week for domestic US delivery. You will receive a UPS tracking number as soon as your order ships out, but it may take up to 24 hrs for that tracking number to appear in the UPS system. Please bear in mind that To Boot has no control over the delivery of your shoes once they are shipped. The UPS.com website provides an estimated delivery date by entering the tracking number.

We recommend the regular use of a neutral cream cleaner to polish and condition your shoes. Every so often, or to cover a scuff you should use a cream polish to match the color of your shoe as closely as possible. Note that you can "customize" the appearance of your shoes by using lighter or darker shades within the same color family, if you so choose. If your shoes have a burnished (darker) toe, do not match the color with the toe, but with the overall color of the shoe. Wax polishes can build-up and create a crackled appearance to the surface of the leather and are therefore not recommended. Suede shoes may be cleaned with a "suede brush".

We recommend the following:

1. Keep natural, unfinished cedar shoe trees in your shoes when not wearing to absorb moisture and smooth out wrinkles.

2. Leather and suede shoes can benefit from a good quality water and stain protector spray. Do not saturate with spray so that the leather looks wet, instead give 2 or 3 very light coats to the surface. Refresh periodically.

3. Keep your shoes clean and dust-free.

4. "Rotate" your shoe wardrobe. Do not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. The leather must be allowed to completely dry out between wearings. (see #1 above)

While To Boot shoes are extremely durable, they are made out of materials that do wear out over time, subject to many conditions and wear factors. Under normal conditions, your shoes should last for many years, but will still require periodic upkeep including resoling, heel replacement and other regular preservative measures. Take your shoes to a local shoe repair specialist and ask them what you can do to keep your shoes looking great and feeling comfortable.

* 45 days for returns or exchanges


* Return shipping cost, duties and fees will not be reimbursed.

 * For exchanges, customer is responsible for shipping, duties and taxes as well.

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